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Hi Have been doing all my tire work with discount for years. but today was it, I have a bad tire that is over one year old and all i want was them to replace it.

They test drove the car and I heard the guy that drove it say it has a flat spot and he heard the wapping noise it makes. the the manager comes out and he was all over my tires looking for some kind of damage I could tell .Then he says there is nothing wrong with my tire... so I told him I rotated the front tires to the back so that the car sterringweel would not shake. so he replies that tire would not make car shake during applying the breaks a warped rotor will only do that.

but funny thing here is after i did rotate tire myself the sterring weel stoped shaking and i told this manager that he would not listen to me at all.kept say its break rotors warped but I know rotors that are warped do not stop shaking if you change that tires around they still will shake no matter.. so then he starts with I have not been rotating my tire that was his second bs thing I told him were is that uneven wear witch there was none, so then he says i need struts, Ten I had it with this guy I just told him get my car down I am out of here he just walked away. So i went to Discount tire They were really helpful. checked them out then I bout 2 tires from them.

to replace the 2 crappy tires that tire kingdom sold me.Let me tell you this The car is quite now no more wap wap wap noise.. or shaking of the car that tire was warped and they did not want to honer there own warranty.Shame on them But its all good I found a way better tire place now with discount tire!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $350.

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The person that prorates the tire at the counter, get the difference deducted from there paycheck so it is there best intrest to make you walk away..


Oh the car is a 2007 eclips with 65k miles on it and the goodyear tires that come whit car still have over half the tread...... so much for bad struts as manager said.they just do not want to pay on any tire waranty period!!!!

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