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My vehicle was missing. I went to the Tire Kingdom store in Boca Raton Fl on Spanish River Blvd.

They put the vhicle on a computer and told me #4 &5 coil was bad. ( Comnputers don't lie as per the salesman) However they had to replace a intake manifold, spark plugs ( which was not needed) radiator flush ( which was done 6 months prior). A total of $1600.00 worth of work. I went to the local Auto Zone, thay put the vehicle on their computer, told me #2&4 coil was bad.

I replace them for a little over a $100 dollars and the vehicle runs fine. The leak in the intake manifold required a hose clamp to be tighten.

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Auto repairs stick...so hard to find some one to trust.

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