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I brought in my car and asked that they fix a slow leak in one of the tires, they told me all set and free of charge. About a week later the tire was already deflated again.

When I called to explain that I don't believe that they fixed my tire but rather just filled it with air, the person who answered the phone decided to argue with me and act like I was wrong rather than ask me to come one in and fix my tire. He was so rude that I will NEVER go back again. How do they stay in business with such unprofessional employees?! I wouldn't go to Tuffy either as they said they fixed it but they did not and when I confronted the manager there, he said that there was something wrong with the tire pressure machine.

I think there is something wrong the the employees and their lack of character/honesty.

It is disgusting. If you find a good mechanic stay with them and let us know who they are!

Review about: Tire Kingdom Manager.

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Wow, complaining about a free service! What an ungrateful loser you are, Dsoroken.


If you have gone to 2 different places and still have the same problem you should have them take a look at the rim itself rather than the tire. There are a lot of reasons a tire can go flat. Also, if you think complaining about a free service makes you feel better then by all means do so but remember if it were so easy to take care of these problems then you would probably do it yourself.

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