Tire Kingdoms policy is to put the tire that is worn the most on the front. After questioning the policy and explaining that I was taking a road trip and did not agree with their policy I left.

My tire blew out coming home from New Orleans at 75 miles per hour.

It was a horrible experience that would not have been as bad if that tire was on the rear. I believe they put me and my girlfriend at great risk!!Do not go to Tire Kingdom in Indian Harbor Beach, Florida at 1150 Wallace Ave.Beware of the manager named Lee,he is the one who told me about Tire Kingdom policy.

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Yes these guys at the Indian Harbor shop are as dishonest as they come. They will do everything that they can to rip you off.


I went to tire kingdom on 03-02-2011 to price four Bridgestone tires for my wife's 2007 Santa Fe-Limited. I was told by the salesman it would cost $1400 dollars without tax plus alignment.

Then he told me that tire kingdom had the lowest prices in town. I told him what town was that? I told the salesman that was outragious,and that I could find a lower price.

I went to Costco where I was quoted a price of $686.00 for four tires from Bridgestone. If you want to get ripped off go to Tire Kingdom they will accommadate you.


Its funny you blaim the store for your failure to follow their suggestions. I have investigated many accidents in my profession... Their policy could be the very reason you and your girlfriend are here to whine about it!


FYI, it is common industry practice to mount the best 2 tires on rear. HOWEVER, you as a vehicle owner should have an option to opt out of this service.

What probably happened is you really needed to replace all 4 tires but only wanted to do 2 because you're cheap.

Looks like reality just caught up to you. Next time don't skimp on necessary repairs.

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