On 4/13/10 I went to the Tire Kingdom in St. Cloud and bought 4 new BFG tires. Since then I have been back to the store approximately six (6) times to get the tire examined because of some shaking. On several occasions they rebalanced the ires and within a few days I was back in the store to have them checked.

On 9/13/10 they replaced one tire because they said it was bad. They could not have figured that out the other four or five times ?

Now I have just gotten back from a trip of approximately 1200 miles. At 55mph I am starting to get the shaking back, like the tires are out of balance. I refuse to take my F-150 back to this store. The customer service rep's were very nice but it just doesn't seem like there is anyone else there who can fix my problem. It seems senseless to go back in there when I know all they are going to do is re balance the tires. I should not have to go back in the store every few months to get the tires balanced. I've never had to do that before, why now ??

I am discussed and after this long they should just replace all four tires and start from scratch. At least that way I won't have to visit them every couple of months.

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