My wife took advantage of the "buy 3 and get one free" sale. We also needed some front end work done which was done.

After traveling about 10 miles the front end work that was done failed and she was caugth in the middle of traffic with front wheels that were toed in and cambered out. If this had happened at high speed, she would have been dead. She was stuck in heavy traffic for hours while I directed traffic around the vehicle. We finally got the vehicle back to the Hypoluxo establishement where the work was done.

Upon inspection of the vehicle the manager was visiblely shaken and said he would " make everything right". NOT SO!!!! He promised a free oil change, battery and to comp the front end work. they fixed tha bearings that were ruined because the incompetent wrench turner forgot to put the axle nuts and cotter pins in.

Do not go to Tire Kindom for anything but take a ***............

Review about: Tire Kingdom Oil Change.

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Abadou, Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz, Morocco #208632

It does not matter what name is on the company. it's the individuals and their practices that should be considered.

I have worked for the big companies and the little ones. the only thing that seperated me from disasters like this is the experience of the Guys in charge. Most of all what I Practice as an individual. I may get booted out of a job.

sent home without pay and ridiculed by co workers. when I know lives are on the line, I'll walk before compromising safety over money.

I'm $1.5 million in reported income as a Mechanic and no one has died or been injured over my work thanks to those with integrity to stop and percieve safety first. from both sides of the buck.

Abadou, Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz, Morocco #208630

WOW! thats a worst nightmare if I ever heard one.that Manager should be held completely responsible.

I personaly have been rushed through a job to get that almighty $$. it has caused so much grief when they do that. your job is on the line and push ,push ,push. oh yeah !

someones gonna die with all that pushing.get into that managers pocket and don't let up until he realizes $$$ is not everything. safety first.

Mechanics have backup checks , the only reason they do not use them is "Time is Money" not for the price of loved ones. pay up and never let it happen again.

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