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Ha Tire Kingdom----REname Auto repair and tire rip off, everyone of the 4 I have been to, are total scam ripoff joints, Burn them down. Do Not Use Tire Kingdom for anything other than turning your vehicle around, and maybe spitting out the window.

Oh you need your brakes replaced, oh you need new hubs, oh you need new bearings , and just to be safe let me drain some axle fluid out so you rear end gear burns up.

and while we are at it WE think maybe your water pump is leaking, and of course you will need all new hoses and belts. OPS possible radiator leaking wow that will cost a lot to replace >>>> hey a-holes just put some new tires on the truck.

Review about: Tire Kingdom Repair.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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Tire Kingdom has been scamming people with unnecessary *** for years. And they mess up even the work that needs to be done!!!

They've actually gotten WORSE over the years. But the chumps keep on going there and let themselves be manipulated. Never go there. In Virginia and Maryland they're known as Merchant's Tire.

Same ***, different name. Somebody I knew got ripped off there recently to the tune of $940 for tie rods and new front axle. The repairs actually cost DOUBLE of what all the legit shops in the area charge for the same car. Thieves!!!!

And the new axle put in was a nonfunctional used piece of *** that never worked!!! And the tie rods never got changed!!! He had to get the axle replaced again and new tie rods installed somewhere else!!! Incompetent crooks who can't fix jack squat and will cost you a lot of $$$ for nothing.

Never go to Tire Kingdom/Merchant's Tire. They are the epitome of crooked scumbags; the VERY WORST along with Tires Plus, Midas, Aamco and Jiffy Lube.


Why don't u get a good german car so you don't have to sink ur life savings into a pile of rust. Oh I know. Waiting till u land that dream job.

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