Bunnell, Florida
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Went in for a $17 oil change/tire rotation. Needed wipers - asked how much they were. Told $19.99 - said ok put them on. Come to find out they are $19.99 EACH! OK so I live and learn - wasn't happy but it was my fault for not asking (I guess).

Then they charged me $2 EACH to install them. Paid the $69 and went on my way angry at myself. I know a local Auto Parts store has them for $22 total AND they install for free!!

Jump in my car this morning for my 50 mile ride to work and I have a flat tire!! I have NEVER had a flat tire in my life!!! WTF???

With the wipers - I lost the cash because I didn't ask. With the flat - they lost - WILL NOT RETURN

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I took Mazda in for front brake job. They were having a special.

Called to check on my car and was told it needed a new caliper. They wanted 175.00 to replace caliper. I told them to put it back together and I would come get it. When I got there the *** mechanic told me it wasn't safe to drive and that I should park it under a tree and leave it there.

I felt sorry for the ignorant putz.

Anyway, I drove it straight to another tire kingdom and they did the brake job and never said a word about calipers. I never have ever had to replace calipers on any vehicle I 've owned.

It is not just tire kingdom Every mechinic in south Florida has lied to me except one and he was a friend. Many more stories I could tell.

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