My husband and I recently purchased 2 new tires from the Tire Kindom on Woodruff Rd. in Greenville,SC.

I started noticing a really loud whining noise coming from the front end of my car. It got so bad that we took it to our mechanic. After being with out a car for over a week, my mechanic said that our front end had to be totally re-done due to them putting the wrong size tires on our car. It is a 2001 Ford Explorer.

The damage so far is $950.00. They are admitting to putting on the wrong size tires but taking no responsiblity for the front end. Our Mechanic consulted with another as well as Ford and all three concluded it was due to the wrong size tires (by 3 inches) being put on our car. We will be suing as we were told the rear end will have to be done as well.

They suck and are so horrible!!!!!!!!!!! BEWARE!

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Mr. Tire did the same to us with 4 tires.

They put wrong size of tire on the car, but receipt says we bought the right size. Full transparency--it was 2 years and 20,000 miles ago, for 60,000 mile tires. We now have a car that is undriveable because it is unsafe. Bubbles on the tires are terible.

Mr. Tire wants us to pay for part of the tire cost to replace them. It's bad enought that they did bad work, but now they will not even take responsibiity for their role in it. The marketing manager who contacted us said that anyone "eyeballing" it should have seen it--EXACTLY---why didn't their folks who installed them "eyeball" it?

Now the auto manufacturer is telling us that having the narrower tire on the wider rim is what likely caused the problem.

Why can't people who make mistakes just correct them? Apparently, "customer (dis)service" is a broadly used term for this retailer.


Sound to me like your mechanic and his pals are trying to ride the corporate gravy train. Yes, the staff at TK should have advised you that you are required to replace ALL 4 TIRES.

Not just two of the same size (re-read your invoices for notes of that nature.) Your Explorer is 4WD, so the part that would have been damaged is your transfer case, NOT your front and/or rear differentials. $950 is about right (depending on where you are) to rebuild the Borg Warner case in that truck, but to say your axles are damaged from the tires is impossible (at least with my experiance in 4WD service.) We had a customer that came in with one, and absolutly had to have two tires replaced (was pretty much broke, and had a flat with another having belts exposed.) I removed his front drive shaft for him for a charge of $15 (which he could swing.) He has had NO front or rear end issues. As a mechanic for TK's sister store, I feel sorry that you had a bad experience, and implore you not to generalize all of us the same. But I also feel that you should know that in some sense you're being taken for a ride.

I would recommend that you consult a Ford technician independantly, so that it can be repaired properly at a necessary expense. Good luck.

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