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Tire kingdom of sawgrass in sunrise fl. Never take your vehicle there.

The most absolute bad experience with automobbile service I experience here with no other than the service manager him self.

Mr.William Benson III. This man let me walk out of this place with a flat tire and told me that the car was fix. i'm a 39 year old woman who's work in the car industry for 20 year and beause i knew better i checked my car right around the corner of the facility wen i left and sure enough i knew he didn't fix my car.

giving hm the benefit of the doubt i waited til the next day to see if my tire was flat and sue enough it was. to say the least i went over there and gave those low life loosers a piece of my mind and further more i will be writing to the the to divisional vp and divisional director of operations to let them know the kind of employee they have working for them.

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Well maam first things first. They aren't the ones spending countless hours going on multiple websites and writing letters over something so rediculous.

Not to mention if you doubted them so much from the beginning why go there then? So who is the lowlife looser now? Second you did not pay for the patch don't you think that there was something wrong there? no cause ur retarded.

There are idiots everywhere including at your job im sure thats why we as humans have this thing called common sense...i suggest you use it. no pay = no service...duh

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