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Sent my daughter there the result was one tire clearly a defect Blew out after only 2 days and Tire Kingdom refused to offer a replacement also Tires were not Balanced causing Damage and major wear to her right front tire and to top it all of $100.00 was missing from her Glove Box when she returned to pick up her Car with Tire Kingdom employee being the only one with the key and access into her Glove box.

I will be posting a video showing the actual Tire and a review by a professional Tire Mechanic in the hope of simply saving someone the *** that my Daughter experienced at Tire Kingdom Store #212

12127 Highway 90

Luling, LA 70070

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She clearly needs an alignment. She probaly has a loose part in the front end as well.

That tire in the picture is clearly more than two days old as well, unless she drove to Florida and back.....

Before you *** about something check out your girls *** *** car and make sure she is safe riding in a piece of ***.

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