I recently bought a rim and tire package on November 2, 2009 from Tire Kingdom in Columbia, SC. I had to put down about $400 dollars on them and have a year to pay them off before they start charging interest. In March 2010 a pothole on hwy 378 popped the tire and cracked the rim.

The tire is unfixable and when I asked who is responsible for paying for it, the answer is me since the manufactureer wont and tire kingdom refuses to. We have filed a formal complaints and talked to corporate and the shop itself without any results. I advise anyone wanting to buy from tire kingdom to reconsider as they do not have good waranty or rules/guidelines on defective products.

So now i have to file a report with the city and highway patrol to see if they are willig to pay for the totaled rim, which is highly doubtful.


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WOW, you are a greedy little person, aren'tcha?How can you rationalize hitting a pothole and blaming the damage on the place that sold you the tire and rim?

Admit it, you got unlucky, but don't want to spend a lot of money, so you're trying to get some free stuff.Shame on you.


tk offers a road hazard package on all tire sales for a extra 16 per tire. the first year they replace the tire after that it is prorated based on tread life. if you did not purchase this i do not understand the complaint.

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if you smashed the truck into a telephone pole, would the dealer have to buy you a new one?


Just curious as to why you think the tire company or Tire Kingdom should pay?You hit a pothole by your own admission so how does that make the tire defective?

Most tire warranties I've seen exclude damage that the driver causes, ie: potholes, curbs, etc.

Doesn't appear the tire was defective at all just unfortunate for you that you hit a pothole.I unfortunately agree with the Tire Kingdom on this one.

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