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Beware. They are dishonest and deceptive.

They only care about making money. I took my car to Tire Kingdom, 3550 S. Washington Ave., Titusville, Florida. I went in for a diagnostic check because my car was hesitating when I accelerated.

They lied about me needing a new fuel pump (I had just had that replaced!) Then they tried to tell me it was the injectors and quoted me $700 to do the job. I drove home 5 hours later with the same problem. I no longer trusted anything they said. My husband looked under the hood and found a spark plug wire that had fallen against the exhaust manifold causing an arc.

He thought that could be the cause of our problems. He taped the wire, moved it away from the hot manifold and drove the car.

It drove without any problems! He is not a certified mechanic and was able to fix the car in 5 minutes!

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I actually had a good experience with the one in Titusville. brought them a flat tire, they fixed it and mounted it back on free of charge!


I currently work for tirekingdom and i hate it, they rob there employees and custmers im a tire tech and was an counter guy i had them move out to the shop becuase i felt wrong on what they wanted me to do to the custmers they do not care for there employees or custmers only the money tirekingdom i mean conkingdom sucks i get discounts and i dont shop there.


I have worked at the counter, we were told by our boss, which is no longer with the co. to see you more then what you need.

we were told to lie, and to change the price of things. Tell you need something you did not need. Some cars we could not gave an alighment, but we messed around with it so it would look like we did something and charge the coustomes 100 bucks, and the tech get 4 bucks per car.

I would never work there agine. You cant pay me enough!!!

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #105884

i JUST BOUGHT 4 TIRES FROM THEM AND THEY SAID I NEEDED $2100.00 OF ADDITIONAL WORK. I know I need brakes but they wanted to service my fuel system and power steering and many other things that they should not have been looking at. I'll take it to my own choice for brakes etc.


That stinks!!

I have taken my car to Tire Kingdom in Jupiter, FL and they have always done a great job. I guess like any chain some locations are good and some not so much


sad :cry


From personal experience I know that a fuel pump can go out anytime no matter how new or old it is(personal experience)Most fuel pumps are under warranty and would be replaced. I'm not a mechanic but my husband has been in the business for a very long time.

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