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In July 2010 I went to Tire Kingdom in Fort Myers to get the buy 3 get one free deal. While there they did an oil change and an inspection of my front end alignment.

Every thing was good the guy said. Not long after leaving this establishment after a 4 hour wait for these services the weights used to balance the tires started flying off of my car I live about 80 miles from the nearest Tire Kingdom so I just took it to someone else to have the tires rebalanced. A couple of months later I took the car to get the tires rotated I had not even put 10000 miles on the car. The two front tires were worn to the threads on the very inside of the tire I called to find out that there is no warranty on the tires if they don't really do the alignment so what is the purpose of the inspection.

Needless to say I now need two more new tires and a front end alignment and no help from the people that were supposed to have made sure my car was in good shape before they put 600.00 worth of tires on the car.

I used to buy new tires for all 6 of my automobiles at tire kingdom every year. So I guess the joke is on them because I will never spend another dime with them and would not suggest you to either.

Monetary Loss: $555.

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Fort Myers, Florida, United States #652159

I bought tires from Tire Kingdom and they eliminate all the competition.......PERIOD! Their prices are cheaper then any other local tire dealer including the "wholesale" pay to shop in our store thieves!

You get all inclusive free mounting, free balancing, free new valve stems, free flat repair and a few other things on top of the cheapest tire dealer in town. Sounds like some home grown cinder blocks looking for something for nothing! I called, checked on the tires I chose from the website, made my appointment, and was in and out in an hour!

Doesn't get any better than that!! They are a TIRE DEALER so you DON'T take your car to a TIRE DEALER for automotive repairs......NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!!


sound like someone who is trying to get something for free---- Crook!


Sounds like you got ripped off. Stay away from that Tire Kingdom!!

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