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I had taken my truck into the Tire Kingdom at 121 NW 40th Street (location #32) in Boca Raton, FL to be serviced for a vibration issue. The front desk personnel and mechanics notified me that the vibration would be resolved after they balance the tires and perform brake repairs to the rear wheel cylinders.

Three Hundred and Fifty dollars later, the diagnosis and services performed by Tire Kingdom did not correct the vibration issue. After which, I brought my vehicle to a privately owned auto service company to correctly identify and repair my truck for the vibration issue. They were able to accurately diagnose and resolve the problem; the vibration was being caused by a missing right/ front caliper bolt and damaged u-joints. As determined by the mechanics, the services that Tire Kingdom performed had nothing to do with the vibration.

I feel that the repairs and service from Tire Kingdom were not only unnecessary, but were performed with the premise of exploiting as much capital as possible out of a loyal customer. This experience has left me in severe discontent and I feel that Tire Kingdom has taken advantage of me.

Furthermore, I contacted Tire Kingdom's corporate headquarters to try and resolve this situation. After a month of attempting to communicate with Tire Kingdom's upper management, it became clear that the entire company has a disregard for customer value. Needless to say, management could not resolve the in-store service issues, nor did the Tire Kingdom offer any type of reimbursement or compensation for their service related downfalls.

Review about: Tire Kingdom Repair.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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I went in for a simple oil change and they diagnosed a whole set of problems. The entire repair was a total of two hundred dollars.

When I inspected it myself, they did not do anything that I agreed for them to do. I called them and they agreed to reinburst me. Not even the receipt had the correct information. Once I got to the store, the manager told me he would need to reinspect the car.

Once I told him that wouldn't happen he told me he would not give me my money back because I was lying. By this point, I was a little more than aggravated. I told him that since my receipt stated that the incorrect services were provided my credit card company would resolve the issue and give me back my money. They agreed to credit my account before further action was taken.

I still had to take my car to do the work elsewhere since nothing was done. When I arrived at the other mechanic shop I was told that I was correct. Tire Kingdom did nothing to my car. Instead all they did was *** me off.

Things like this shouldn't happen. From lying to the customer, to hanging up on them, and then charging them an arm and a leg.


Thanks for your feedback, Leeroy. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case.


If you have work done with one business that is under warranty, why wouldn't you go back to that business for warranty work? All you had to do was be like "hey, it still vibrates" and Tire Kingdom would have taken care of it. Duh.

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