I brought my car to tire kingdom and these people messed up my wheel stud and cross thread my lug and would not fix it. The regional guy call me the next day after making a complain and was so ignorant, he being in that top position dont even know how to talk to people himself.

I will never bring my car to another tire kingdom and i wouldnt advice or wouldnt recommend anyone to, He called me from phone number 561-702-7899.

the tire kingdom is on north jog road in west palm beach fl. very bad service and customer service.

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #128034

tire Kingdom broke off one of the lug nuts on my daughters car which caused them to be unable to remove the wheel. Although they were only doing a routine tire rotation, they cut the stud off the brake drum , replaced the berake drum at no charge and never scratched the rim.

I guess it's how you talk to these people.I always use tire kindom and have no trouble.


Customer had rims put on by another company. That company stripped the lug not when putting it on.

The lug was cross-threaded. It is impossible to cross-thread a lug nut coming off.

Apparently, the other company did not hand tighten the lug nut and use a torque wrench to tighten. Lugs stip going on, not coming off.

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