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I went to Tire Kingdom Store #178 2244 Barataria Blvd, Marrero. LA where their employee over charged me for parts and service. I later called competitors in the area and was told the parts was over priced. I therefore called the store back and was told that the prices is different because they came from there warehouse you think there own parts would be cheaper ? This company should not allow this practice to continue from there employees to make an profit.

Don't trust this company to give you an fair price for service. They only take advantage of their customers. Parts for Chevy Tahoe 2002

Wheel Alignment $114.99

Front Hub Bearings each 229.99

Idler Arm $89.99

Labor for 2 hours (10th HOUR Labor 256.50)

Pissed Customer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I totally sorry for not during my research I thought this company was honest and I had to pay for trusting them.

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You should not be allowed to own a car.

Congratulations for writing one of the dumbest reports on this site.

Car repairs can get expensive. Most businesses are out to make a profit, including, SURPRISE SURPRISE, automotive shops!

If you don't like their prices, buy $3000 worth of tools and learn how to do your own repairs. If you want to do an alignment, better save up for a $30,000 alignment machine, or learn how to do it the old fashioned way.


as with most consumers, you miss the point. what makes you think you even needed those parts in the first place? if you do in fact have oversized tires and wheels,these repairs become more likely due to the added strain on these parts.


First of all do you have aftermarket wheels? If so thats the reason you were charged that amount for the alignment.

Second, the hubs are a sealed units therefore more money. The labor rate is 95 dollars a hour, they break it down in 10th, so 2 hours would be 190 not your figure.

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