On Jan. 21, 2010 my husband brought my car to tire kingdom on Highway 27 to change the thermostat.

Due to were it was located on the engine he was unable to get to it and we had to have a mechanic do it. He picked up the car later in the day and started to drive. H e got approx. 2 miles and the car started overheating and smoking.

He pulled over to let it cool and then started to check all the fluids. To hes surprise TK never put coolant , water, or any kind of fluid back in the engine. No fluid means blown head gaskets. For a week and a half we tried to contact the manager(Mark Tracey) and he happened to be on vacation.

2 weeks later still no manager and no return call we decided to contact the corp. office. We placed more then a dozen phone calls to corp..... we finally got a call back over a month later.

Tk said they would help us fix the problem and to discuss what they needed to due and give them a call back the next day. The next day when we called they said we needed to buy a new engine and they would give us a discount putting it in. We explained the situation again and tried to explain we wouldnt need a new engine if they would have put fluid in it.... so why are we resposible?

Corp office told us they were investigating what happened and would get back to us. That was over two weeks ago. We have called numerous times and still no call and no engine.

We had to go buy a new car so I could get to and from work. In all honesty TK is the worst car repair place and the best place to give you the complete runaround.

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