I bought 4 new stampede tbc cooper tires with a 65,000 mi tires.I was on road trip,with out warning had a massive blowout,with my children and wife screaming scared.well, i had such a hard time with tire kingdom.the blow out tire caused over $ 3,000.00 in damage to my vehicle.tryed everything for them to compensate me for the damage instead of my insurance.well after back and forth,they prorated my tires for credit.i them bought a none cooper brand tire.and had to pay another $465,00.they would not even honor the road hazard,or apply the (WE WILL BEAT ANYPRICE) what a fraud.i have been buying tires from them for over 20yrs.I would not recommend anyone to tire kingdom.they r not what they say they r.go anywhere else then tire kingdom.they manipulated me and backed me in the corner so i can buy tires from them with out matching or giving me discounts like they promise.BEWARE!

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