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Being lied to about road hazard ins. Plus breaking lug nuts.

When we bought the tires originally, the techs broke off the lug nuts on several tires. We had to wait a few days to get the new lug nuts in and replace them (they were two different kinds, of course, didn't match). Then they put on the new tires we bought with lifetime road hazard, telling us that the tires would be replaced or repaired at no additional cost. When we go in to get a screw hole repaired, we are told that the screw is in the sidewall, and they will replace the tire at no cost (but we have to pay $32.00 more for a new road hazard).

We ask how much to just replace the tire and forget the road hazard? We are told that we still pay $23.00 for mounting and balance. What happened to truth in advertising? We are told no additional cost, and we are later told that we will pay something before we get out the door.

I posted my article on Facebook. Judith Ann Cecelia Howard

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Judith, I really can't imagine why anyone would go to a Tire Kingdom store (or a store of this type). Too many horror stories.

My experience is the work quality is poor because the employees are generally overworked, underpaid, and under-trained.

When all is said and done, the prices aren't any better than those you would get from your car dealer when you get done with all the double-talk, extra charges, and time wasted arguing, negotiating, and waiting to get their errors fixed.


Sounds like they were offering you the replacement tire at no cost, bu if you wanted to continue with having road hazard policy on your replacement tire, you would have to purchase it again on that tire(using the new DOT# for registration)which is normal practice.What seems to be wrong is the addtitional $23.00 for mounting and balance on the new tire if you decline to purchase the road hazard policy. That cost should be covered by the original road hazard policy for the replacement of that tire. Sounds like you should have a talk with the store manager and have him/her explain their policies to you again.

By the way I would say purchasing the road hazard policy again would be in your favor...It kept you from having to buy that tire at full price this time..Just my opinion..

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