Went in for oil change on Monday, had to schedule for Friday, they were too busy. Went in today (Friday) for scheduled appointment and the same guy (hi Scott) told me that they're "40 tires deep" and we'll need to reschedule.

Apparently they did a pop up sale on buy 2 get 2 more tires free and all their old change customers got screwed. How the heck can they run a business like that? I had taken off work so I could get this done. I will make sure to post this everywhere I can.

Shame on them.

Store was in Largo, FL on Belcher.

Review about: Tire Kingdom Oil Change.

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heh. not suprised.

I watch junk like this all the time, double booking.. tripple booking.. gready selfish salemen and managers. ***..

they keep me on as a tech.. with no service work..

so they can sell tires.. and have me mount them LITERALY for free.


Its tough to believe that people would still think to turn customers away. Even worse; those with appointments!

But yes it does still happen. Narrow minded individuals that should work at Mcdonalds, no decision making skills required, this way they wont run the company into the ground.

This what happens when corp. america takes over and just cares about the numbers, one day at a time, who cares about tomorrow!

The program is meant to atract all types of customers, not just tire customers, but all value oriented customers. This sale might yield good numbers but the aftermath will bring ***.


Tire place or oil change place it doesnt matter if you offer a service you had better be able to keep your appointments! Makes you look bad to the consumer, especially for return customers.

If I was that customer the manager would have been doing it for me before I left and for cheaper than what the original price would have been for just for the time it took me to have to put it off for 4 days and for my lost time at work. Do not be pushed around!!


:cry lets see 20 oil change, $500 tire sale, guess who wins. Oil change place or tire store? you decide

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