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To whom it may concern,

My name is Anne M. Clarke and I have been a valued customer of your establishment Tire Kingdom at 4701 E Independence I have in my life time had more than five vehicles and I have always come to Tire Kingdom to have all of my car maintance needs, oil changes, tires rotated and changed you name it I have had it done at Tire Kingdom. I went in on May 16 2008 to have my oil changed and tires rotated like I always do. A couple of days later I noticed that the lug nut covers on my 2007 Saturn Vue were missing, I called back that next day to speak with someone at the store to let them know they were missing. I spoke to someone claiming to be the manager by the name of Bob. I told him that I was in a couple days ago and had my oil changed and tires rotated and who ever did it forgot to put my lug nut covers back on. I also told him that I need them back on my car. The (manager) Bob placed me on hold for a few minutes and then came back to the phone and asked me for a number where I could be reached. I gave him my cell phone and my home number so he could call me back. It was 8:00am in the morning when I called; I was on my way to work. I called back the store at noon since I did not get a phone call back and spoke to Bob again and he told me that he was still looking for them and would call me back. That was Monday, he never called me back. I waited all day Tuesday and still nothing, I finally called back on Wednesday and spoke to a female I told her what my situation was and why I was calling, she placed me on hold and for 10 minutes and then came back to the phone and again asked for my number and told me that she would call me back. That was around 5:36 pm I was on my way home form work, she never called back. I gave her a chance to give me a call back on Thursday, nothing, Friday nothing. I called back Friday morning and spoke to the (manager) and I use that term loosely, Bob he told me that they looked for the lug nut covers and they could not find them. By this time I am pissed off completely. I had been getting the run around about these lug nut covers that your employees lost and did not want to take any responsibility for. I came in with them and left without them and they did not even seem to care. On Friday morning I spoke to Bob again, I was telling him that I was upset about the fact that I was told on Monday of that week that I would get a call back from him and never did. I went on to explain to him that I have been a customer of Tire Kingdom for over 7 years and I did not like nor appreciate the way I was being treated and my situation was being handled. I told him that one of his staff members rotated my tires and left the lug nut covers off and I want them back. I came to his establishment with them on and I left without them. Someone needs to either find them or replace them. He proceeds to tell me that he looked for them and can’t find them. So I asked him what am I supposed to do now. He tells me I don’t know, but what I could do is go out and buy them and he would reimburse me for what I paid. After I got off the phone I was so fed up with Bob and Tire Kingdom, I called my husband and told him what I was told to do. He got very upset and called Bob back. He told Bob that it was not my responsibility to be riding all over town to find lug nut covers when I came to his establishment with them all in tact and through someone’s negligence there, they forgot to put them back on. He told Bob that the same way he wanted me to ride around town he could do the same thing and either go or call Saturn and get them ordered and call me when they came in. He also told Bob that he did not appreciate the way they handled the entire situation. He was on the phone with the (manager) Bob for all of ten minutes if that and Bob was telling him that he would call Saturn and find out how much they cost and he would order them and have me come back in to have my lug nuts covered. This was one week ago and still nothing, It is now May 28, 2008 and I had to call back again at 9:35am this morning. I spoke to Bob again and asked him if he had ordered the lug nut covers for my car and he proceeds to tell me that they have not come in. He took my number again this time I was at work and he told me he would call me back. It is amazing to me how this whole situation was handled. This incident could have been handled within a matter of days if Bob (the manager) really valued or cared about his customers. This is not even a major issue and he and the rest of his staff handled it poorly. I would hate to see how he would handle a situation that was much more difficult than this one. To me he is a poor example of leadership in your company and it is so called managers like him that would make your establishment loose business. This was the last trip me or any of my friends and family make to Tire Kingdom for anything. You have just lost a customer for life and I will make sure that everyone I know who frequents the Tire Kingdom at your 4710 E Independence Blvd location know what happened and how I was treated. This may not seem like a big deal to him or even to you but to me it is. I want my lug nut covers back on my car and an apology from your manager. And If I have to take this to the media I will. Don Griffith of action 9 would love to hear about this.

Signed A lost Customer

Anne M. Clarke

Monetary Loss: $36.

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Its amazing how after years of doing business with a company, 5 cars worth of business, you would turn around and go to war with them over a few lug nut covers. Its your responsability to make sure you get the vehicle back complete, there's a time limit on making a claim for damaged or missing goods.

Also the shop at this point was making a courtesy effort to find your covers, if in fact they did get lost there, so you cant really make a demand. The only mistake Bob made was in not being clear and straight about the fact that you waited too long to look or call about these items.

Funny how we are quick to throw away a good thing if it displeases us once, even if its our fault. In these days of stress and crisis we need our best attitudes up front if we want to make it through the day.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #148666

my god imagine if you where married to her and left the toilet seat up lord have mercy


I worked for Tire Kingdom. Since they were bought out by Sumotumo tire they have gone down hill.

PROFIT is all that matters. while they pay the managers well they require 60-70 hours a week.

and the shop staff has to bust their butt to make a living.

Any good independant shop will rotate your tires for free and you will not have some high school drop out changeing your oil and tires.

trust me-you are lucky it was just your lugnut covers and not more. With cheep labor comes cheep service

Mehoopany, Pennsylvania, United States #16443

Egads...apparently you didt have anything better to do than WRITE A BOOK !! Probably had a coupon for a free oil change and the tire rotations are free most of the time too.

Anything else you can get for free??? I am sure you have tried before.

Palma, Balearic Islands, Spain #14443

nobodys fault but your own, when you picked up the auto after the tire rotation its your reponsibilty to make sure your car was in the same condition it was when you brought the car in, this includes walking around the car checking for any damage or missing parts, they are not reponsible for any missing or damage after the cae leaves their bussiness. who knows anyone could have removed the nut covers at any time

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