In December on a trip home from visiting my ailing parents in Canada i purchased 8 tires ,4 for my truck and 4 for my travel trailer upon returning to Canada to spend more time wih my family i noticed that the trailer tires are completely cracked all over after only 1500 miles on them!! I have tried and tried to get even a phone call retuned from NTB/tire kingdom to no avail.

Now my rig is stuck in Canada with dangerously unsafe cracked tires and i have looked into replacing them and it will cost me 750 $

Don't ever deal with this unreputable company.

They sell *** and don't care once they have your money,and their concept of customer service is to feed you polite BLOW OFFS.....

Monetary Loss: $750.

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the crackimg could be from a couple of causes with none of the being your fault,to much air presure can cause stress in the caseing,which in adding your luggage,water and supplyes coupled with heat build from the hwy can stress,causeing cracks,the load range could also be impropper,te the tire could have been old going on,in some cases 4 years old if the rotation of tire stock has not been mantained,either way they should look into your complaint,its cheaper to take care of the coustmer,yhan to go out and find another one


i know they sell michelin tires. i know they're not "***". maybe your just another *** jew-bagel that wanted the cheapest tires and whined about the install labor?

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