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I took my 2010 Audi A4 for an oil change to the Tire Kingdom store located at 2550 Sawgrass Mills Circle, Sunrise, FL 33323 on Sunday 09/15/2013 at 9:07 AM. I talked to store manager, Scott Wilson,(954)845-9800, and he assured me the technicians at Tire Kingdom are fully skilled and trained to work on Audi. I picked up the car that evening at 5:38pm after the oil change only to find oil leak spots on my paved driveway a few days later. I took the car back in on 09/28/2013 at 11:00AM. After two hours, Scott told me the gasket on the oil plug was pinched. He said he replaced the oil plug gasket and fixed the oil leak. The next morning I again noticed the oil leak on our driveway. I was beginning to doubt the quality of the service I was receiving. I took the car in again at 6:00pm on 10/01/2013 for the third time. Scott and his technician Kevin worked on it again for two hours and they assured me there will not be any more oil leak. At this point, I was very suspicious of the work the store did on my car in contrary to all the assurance I received from Scott and his technicians about the quality of their service. I was afraid that the oil pan is being either cross-threaded or cracked.

I decided to send an email to customer service of the Tire Kingdom and share my experience with their store. In response to my email, Juanita Williams, a district manager (754)281-0389, contacted me and asked that we take the car to any mechanic in order to inspect for any possible damages during the oil change. She assured us that Tire Kingdom would pick up any costs associated with any repair needed. I took my car to a local Audi Dealership for an inspection and the result was shocking. The area around oil plug was completely covered with silicon and JB weld. At this point I was angry and furious.

I tried to be more patient and send the dealership report to Juanita Williams. She said she was going to fill out a claim with their insurance company and I was going to be reimbursed for the damages but an adjuster has to inspect the damages first.

Few days later, Jeff Stern, from Sedgwick Inc.,(954)247-3600, called me. He said his field inspector, Phil (954)396-9000, needs to inspect the damages. At this point I did not want any person from Tire kingdom to touch my car again and Phil assured me they just going to visually inspect it.

I made an arrangement with Phil to come to my place of work to inspect the damages (11/1/13). He at that point determined that the area under question could not be visualized and that we needed to make an appointment at another tire kingdom for inspection. On 11/11/13, I dropped off the car at Tire Kingdom store located at 3151 N Federal Hwy, Pompano Beach, FL (954) 782-0991, and was told at the time of drop off that the purpose of this visit was just to visualize the area for damage. When I picked the car up an hour later, I was told that all of the JB welding and silicone had been removed. Phil claimed he did not see any damage or any reasons for a leak. Case closed.

These are the chronological events that started this time consuming nightmare that I have been dealing with since September. I am extremely disappointed with several interactions that I have had both with the Tire Kingdom employees as well as the Tire Kingdom insurance adjuster company Sedgwick. Every single person we dealt with, flat out lied and acted in complete dishonesty.

Even the adjuster company, Sedwick Inc, and their inspectors who are supposed to be honest and fair individuals lied into our face. I did not authorize them to touch the car or remove any of the welding or silicone that was in place. But they took liberty to remove it and possibly destroy the evidence. If there was no reason for a leak, then why would there be any need to alter the integrity of the car by sealing the oil plug with silicone and JB weld?

To make matters worse, we reached out to Juanita Williams and Denny Rivera, District Manager, to explain what happened and, instead of being at least empathetic to our concerns, they blew me off by telling me to simply deal with the insurance company.

I have been more than patient, and at this point, I am furious with the service I’ve received. I do not feel safe continuing to drive in this vehicle. I am extremely disappointed, frustrated, stressed beyond belief and annoyed that I was being bounced around from appointment to appointment and from inspector to manager to insurance company, only to encounter more of the same nonsense. I am writing to let people know what kind of service they should expect when dealing with Tire Kingdom. I want consumers to know that they do not deserve to receive this type of inept and unprofessional service and hope they avoid Tire Kingdom at all costs.

We have spent enough time and effort, since September 15th, trying to correct what was supposed to be a simple oil change.

I would appreciate anyone’s help in order to spread this story on the internet. I would also appreciate anyone’s help or guidance in order to recover the damages from Tire Kingdom. I would also like to participate in any class action lawsuit against Tire Kingdom.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tire Kingdom Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $1533.

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