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At a Merchant's Tire and Auto location in Waldorf, MD, I had the worst experience of my life. Went in for a simple oil change and got my care wrecked instead.

Incompetent and untrained staff improperly secured my car (2005 Dodge Stratus 4door sedan) on the lift and it dropped 6 feet, nose first into the cement garage floor. I had extensive front end damage and frame damage. The store manager was so unprofessional, he was eating his lunch while explaining what just happened.

They covered the cost of a rental car and body shop repairs, but it took 2 months to get my car fixed. Car "mysteriously" needed a tune up, new oil pump and front wheel tire rod/arm less than 2 weeks after getting it repaired.

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joe i see you have nothing intelligent to say so would you please when you get off here go out and find the last american in miami and tell him to please bring the flag with him thank you


I can’t top a car falling off a lift but and can tell everyone not to use Tire Kingdom for anything. I had them replace a fuse in my car…about a $1 item…..and they charged me $56!

I kid you not. $56 for a fuse so my power windows will roll down.

What a terrible company. I’ll never use them again.


It was only a Dodge, so any damage was probably an improvement. You should be thanking them.

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