Went in for a simple oil change on my 4 cylinder Kia - Was told "you know that's synthetic Oil". (which means nothing to me).

I expected a $40.00 charge like everyone else. Had I been told the total cost upfront, I could've walked off. I have never in my entire life paid $70.00 for a simple oil change. I get my oil changed every 3,000 miles but will never step foot in here again.

Also after my car was finished, the counter associates kept taking walk in customers, leaving me sitting in the waiting room. Finally I went out to the sales floor and got in line behind those people that had just arrived after I had been sitting there for nearly an hour waiting for my car to be done.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tire Kingdom Oil Change.

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Debary, Florida, United States #685018

Our oil change never happened. Told we needed a tune up.

Mechanics broke off a part and had to keep our truck two days longer than planned. The tune up was almost $400!! They left the wire dangling and the burnt in to the manifold. And guess what?

They never did the oil change! I can forgive the mechanics mistakes but when I sent an ema to complain and got harassed instead of comforted I became enraged This all happened in deland , fl. I have no idea where the jack *** that called me is from but I have a message for him. Mr.

Anderson, you need to work on your customer service skills!

You had no right to bring the fact that I know one of your employees through my profession into this matter. Better hope I don't teach your kid

Debary, Florida, United States #685015

I just sent them a letter complaining about the same thing! This guy called me and attacked me , the consumer and person complaining, to the point he made me cry!

I hung told him I no longer wanted to talk to him and hung up. He called back! SO UNPROFESSIONAL! I didn't answer but the more I cried and fumed at his abuse the angrier I became.

I called his number back just to get his full name. Then I left him a message telling him that is why I called. I don't care if this store sent me a $5000 dollar check to smooth things over it wouldn't matter. It is ON!

I have already bad mouthed this company to four people. Believe me I will keep it up

to Wrong teacher #701357

Wrong Teacher did you get his name?

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